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About B’Free

When looking for a tour of Baltimore, B’Free Tours can make the most of any tour experience. We want to make it easy for guests to pack in the incredible history of Baltimore in a short amount of time or help those visitors wanting a more personal touch with our private guided Baltimore tours.

This might be our first year operating in the Inner Harbor, there’s a long list of 1st’s in our great city, but with over 25 years’ experience in working with people in adventure travel, student travel, corporate team building, federal training, city tours, and vacation planning.

Rest assured, our staff will give tours for your enjoyment and share stories that could make you laugh or cringe, Baltimore has such a rich & very unique history with not enough ways for visitors to enjoy. We aim to make a fun tour that’s over before you know it, but there’s a much deeper connection to Baltimore’s impact on the United States.

For the last few years, our tour company in Washington DC, BiPartisan Tour Company, has grown so much, due to our work with families and student groups. With B’Free Tours, we plan to add some excitement when exploring Baltimore to any size of group coming to the harbor. OuterQuest, our travel agency can help with all aspects of your travel when visiting to the Baltimore/Washington.

These tours in Baltimore will be convenient and easily accessible, our Baltimore tour guides offer fast paced stories, on a casual walk that bring back the exciting adventures, fights for rights, and they city liveliness that inspired a nation.

Tour Times:

Currently, our tours of Baltimore are open for private tours only, call for a time that’s convenient for you!


Tip What You Like! – Our city guides earn their living one step at a time based on the generosity of our guests. These free tip-based tours have exploded around the world by ensuring the highest quality tours because you have tour guides that love what they do!


Tours begin on the corner of Pratt Street and President Street in a small park along Jones Falls, across the street from the Reginald F. Lewis Museum, which is next to Little Italy and two blocks from the National Aquarium.


Most of our tours are approximately 2 hours, with the length of this walking tour being approximately 1.5 miles.


Reservations are required for groups of more than 8 people, we have guests from all around the world and we don’t want anyone tour to be overrun by a group of people that already know each other.

Private Tours:

This walking tour can be offered to any adult or youth group as a private guided tour for a more personal experience with your family, friends, or colleagues. Please contact us for more details soon!

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